Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps does what all the best horror movies do for me, which is tell a story as a metaphor for life experiences. It’s why I love Buffy, coming-of-age movies, and recent horror movies like It Follows.


It places its metaphor right square in the middle of the scene. It’s like someone took the idea to its logical extreme. Girl gets her period, gets bitten by a werewolf, major changes ensue. It’s such a thrill ride though, and it sidesteps all of the pitfalls of typical horror. First, the characters and their relationships with each other are nuanced, not least of all the sisters, but also the mother and her relationship with her children; and they acting is phenomenal. That can really sell a movie, when the actors come alive, and both Brigitte and Ginger carry the movie all the way home.

That’s why I loved this movie so much, because of the relationship the sisters had, and how it turned “them versus the world” upside down with Ginger getting her period (and bitten by a werewolf), tearing them apart and seeing how well they stick together. The movie was a slow and gradual build, but I was sucked in thanks to them.

I loved seeing Ginger’s transformation, and I am glad they went without CGI. It makes the movie feel timeless. I can’t place this as having been made 16 years ago. It could have been this year, or it could have just as easily been more than 20 years ago, it seems. Her body horror transformation and the way she dealt with it was exciting and excruciating, and you see how she’s become a woman and first impression she’s supposed to be sexy, but the balance between that and how she feels like she’s become a monster was wonderful (they even literally call PMS a curse).

There was a lot going through my head while I watched this, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something I wanted to say about the movie, but it’s already 3:00AM, and I wanted to write down my thoughts, because it was such a joy to watch. I feel like I’m constantly finding movies that I should have seen when I was in high school, because I could have been loving them for years and years, and this is one of them. Ginger Snaps 2 is definitely going on the list for later.

Happy Halloween 🎃