Found footage should be the scariest of all, but they are really hit or miss for me, and Creep was a movie that definitely should not have been directed this way.


There are some great shots, like everything involving the wolf mask, which should be an indie horror classic if it isn’t already; but really, the movie didn’t take advantage of the inherent scariness of it. There are a lot of “boring” scenes (in terms of horror), and the jump scares get old after the very first one.

What was really nice about the movie though was Mark Duplass. I had seen Safety Not Guaranteed, which I didn’t really love either, but one thing’s for sure – he could make a good movie about people, and the journey or whatever of his character and the way he was played were great here. The multiple deceptions, the oversharing, the way he pushed Aaron at every possible chance, it was really exciting.

This has great sequel potential though, because the premise is solid, and it’s packed with a lot of good ideas. It just needs to be a lot more streamlined and get away from the handheld camera.

Peachfuzz tho and the scene of him at the door. 😱


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