I am honestly amazed at how fun Labyrinth is, sandwiched between his arguably two worst albums Tonight and Never Let Me Down, each of these five songs is a joy. Honestly, chibz ran it down as succinctly as it needs to be. The songs are so corny but wonderful and timeless.


Magic Dance rules obviously.
As the World Falls Down is a legit beautiful song.
Within You is cool even though it’s pretty dependent on the context of the movie.
Underground is a little corny but it’s catchy and bowie’s performance rules.

I would add Chilly Down to that, because even though Bowie doesn’t sing it, the song itself is so Bowie. You can tell that he wrote it, and the singers are cute. The rap bit sounds so much like Mick Jagger in Shattered.

Trevor Jones’ soundtrack is also great, it sounds more like a video game ost at times, certain parts even reminding me a lot of the Shadow of the Colossus ost. The first song combines Underground with Trevor Jones’ own composition, and it’s lovely.

I want to know the story of how Bowie came to be in this movie. Did somehow ask him? Did he ask? Wikipedia doesn’t have info on this, but he’s perfect, it’s ridiculous and somehow he comes out completely unscathed, even stronger. This is his best ’80s work, surprisingly. I just finished watching the movie and loved every second of it.


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