Pin Ups

Cover albums, no thanks.


This isn’t all that bad, because Bowie and his band are tight even if they sound a little bored here. The new versions of the songs don’t always work. Like, I Can’t Explain strips everything that made the original so amazing. I know most of these songs because in high school, I was really into this kind of British rock, but none of these songs are revolutionary or anything. Also the production sounds thin and not nearly as robust.

Some highlights are Here Comes the Night with its fantastic slow section but not all that great verses.

Sorrow is the best track on here though. He makes it his own more than any other song on the album. I like the violin, steady beat, and the round vocals plus “whoo hoo hoo” is super cool.

Shapes of Things sounds super Bowie. I love his vocals here even though I don’t think the chorus is all that hot, because of some weird vocal effects.


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