S01E01/2 – “Welcome to the Hellmouth” / “The Harvest”

Kinda surprising that I’ve never watched this, since I am a self-professed Joss Whedon fan. I figured I’d probably like it, so here I am!

So, I was put off right from the beginning, but I decided to truck through it and at the end of the opening chapter of this show, I found that I wasn’t hooked yet but that I was intrigued enough to not stop. In this two-parter we meet the characters and establish the plot of the show – basically, Buffy is a vampire slayer and keeps getting kicked out of school for being a delinquent, but she moves to this town where the vampires who live there are resurrecting a Master vampire.

I’m really liking Buffy (character) right from the start. She’s tough, smart, and fun to watch. Can’t say the same for her friends yet. The vampires are cool and creepy, and I’m really intrigued by Angel. I recognize his face and his name, so I know he can’t be a bad guy, but there must be something about him, because he’s mysterious.

Good start to the show. Like I said, I’m not quite hooked yet, but it wasn’t bad. I’m not looking forward to the monster-of-the-week format of supposedly just this season, but I’m trucking through it!

Episode ranking:

Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest