En attendant l’arrêté de nomination

Je me suis trompé! The email that I received originally was from the director in Chateauroux, but I will actually be in the nearby Issoudun. It looks like an exceptionally charming city, and I can’t wait to get to know it.

However I have yet to receive my arrêté de nomination. Carolyn Collins said that all of the ones for the Orléans-Tours académie were sent by July 12, so I suppose I should expect it before the end of this week.

I’m glad that I changed my rdv at the consulate that was originally for tomorrow but now for August 20. It’s scary, because when I decided to change it, there was only that one available appointment for the whole month.

But the question weighing on my mind is whether to buy my plane ticket. The prices are already higher than they were before, and I’m afraid to check them this week.

The consulate requirements for a ta visa are so different than those for a student visa. For one, there’s no mention of showing your flight ticket to or from France. I was not yet planning on buying my return ticket, so I hope it’s really true that we don’t need it.

The only requirements listed are
-application form
-arrêté de nomination
-residence form
-ID photo

Where’s the OFII form even?

I’m highly skeptical and afraid they will cause a fuss, which I definitely do not need being so tight for time as is.

In the meantime I’ve been trying to come up with inventive ways on how to tell my boss at the job I just got a month ago that I will be leaving before the end of September. That will be a fun day.