On y va à… Châteauroux!

Yep, I got it!

Châteauroux, where the public transportation is completely free and €10 and a 1h30 train ride is all that will separate me from Orléans! or Tours! or the even closer Bourges!

I am so excited to get to know this city.

My contact is already proving to be extremely helpful. My welcome letter contained information that I questioned in my last post about how to teach these students. I received a handy list of things to consider bringing and preparing for my students

simple recipes / photos of traditional dishes / photos of very well-known celebrities / photos of your house, your family, your pets / photos of traditional houses / photos of key personalities in children’s lives / simple traditional fairy tales / stickers / a recording of the national anthem / recordings of simple traditional songs /playground games/ objects linked to traditional sports/ photos of well-known shop fronts/ a puppet/ a beanbag or toss toy/picture flashcards/ a map of your country

Alors, on y va! The next three months could not pass more quickly!



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