Le mystère à la bibliothèque

Trying to make as much money as possible (and trying my hardest to refrain from spending it all), I got another job. I’m “Caleb’s brother the oyster shucker” (the puns are going to kill me) at the restaurant where my brother is a waiter, as well as washing dishes for them, and now I’m the mystery at the library.

Last month I did an interview at the public library, and they never called me back, so I started shucking oysters at a restaurant. Then out of the blue I was asked if I was still interested in working at the library as a library assistant. Of course, being completely without principles, I said yes, and the job rules. I want to work for the government forever now. I’m paid more than at the restaurant, and honestly I don’t feel like I’ll be doing much at all – shelving books, helping patrons, etc. The long hours pass by in a flash compared to how they drag when I’m washing dishes.

BUT apparently I am the missing puzzle piece for some people at the library. After every meeting I had with others who worked in the library followed “…so, where’s Robert?”

The guy who was hired before me mysteriously disappeared, was terminated, and everyone is wondering why. I don’t know if I have a reputation to fulfill following this guy, but it can’t have been too good if he was fired only weeks after starting work.

Next week my host family from my study abroad in France will be in Nashville for a week, and the restaurant is closed, but I will still have some work at the library – Wednesday and probably the weekend as well. I’m looking forward to seeing them and even more forward to my next paycheck at this job!


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