On pense à préparer

Since the latest TAPIF email update, I’ve been thinking more about preparing for France. There’s nothing we can do until we get our work contract – which hopefully will be one of the first sent out at the end of June – but I can start thinking about it at least.


The email suggested that we wait to buy our plane ticket until September, but I can’t help but feel apprehensive about it being expensive around that time. A few weeks I was looking at tickets (Icelandair, baby!) for flights in mid-to-late September (I had put September 18th) that would cost about $530 total (one way). I’m not sure if the consulate will require will require us to get a return ticket, too, but if they do I will just purchase a RyanAir ticket to England to show them I’m leaving France (it worked last time, and it was only $20).

Should I go ahead and purchase my plane ticket in June like I want to, or should I follow their advice and buy it later? I know that it’s possible that there could be complications, but how big of a risk is that really? It happened when I went last year, but it was my fault and I will not be making the same mistake again.


I’ve been thinking about where I’ll be living, too. Of course it all depends on where I am. If I’m close enough to Orléans, it would be easy to find a place to live with my friends there, one of whom already invited me to. If not, I’m not sure what I will do. I guess the options available are:

  • the school provides housing
  • I find my own housing

I was talking to someone going to the same region as me, and he expects to stay in a hostel until he gets his housing, but I do not want to do that. It’s too expensive, in my opinion. I want to have it ready, or as close to ready as possible, by the time I arrive.

If the school provides housing, I imagine it would be no problem to move in when I arrive. If not, I read that there are people we can get in contact with (usually people provided by the school) who can help us out. I have read about people staying temporarily with a host family, sometimes with the contact. That would rock.

If I have to find my own housing, I suppose I will use leboncoin.fr to find it. Nothing I can do about that now, but I’m hoping it will work out smoothly.

The info on which city my schools will be in could not come sooner! I am excited beyond belief, and I know that I’ll be happy no matter where I’m put. I’ve been reading all about basically every city big or small in the Centre region. Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “On pense à préparer

  1. I’m getting nervous with the flight ticket purchase too! I was a bit dumb at first and did a search from Los Angeles to Clermont-Ferrand and it was $2355 for the cheapest flight… It looks like the best way is to fly into Paris and take the train. I’m excited and also bombarded with all the paperwork and worries!!

    • I will definitely be flying into Paris, because wherever I will be can’t be more than an hour or two train ride away. Do you know which city/schools you will be in yet? Many people in my region already know, but I still don’t! I am anxious to receive mine.

      And are you buying a roundtrip flight? I was thinking to buy a one way and if we’re required to have a return trip, I’ll just book a cheap RyanAir one to England since that satisfies their requirements (I know from experience, haha!) and then buy my return one at a later date.

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