Disquaire Day (Record Store Day)

Thought I’d devote a small post to share an anecdote and my loot for this wonderful day.

Record Store Day (or Disquaire Day in French) is a celebration of vinyl and music in general. All sorts of bands have special releases available only on this day!

Last year I went back to the US at the beginning of April for my best friend’s wedding (at which I was the best man), and when I came back to France I arrived the morning of April 20. I looked up before hand any record shops near Notre Dame and Gare d’Austerlitz, and I found one right across from Notre Dame. I arrived at 6 am in France and finally around 8 am trekked my way from the RER over to the shop, my suitcase and everything with me. I walked in, but someone started shouting that they weren’t open yet. Okay. I got an overpriced microwaved “English breakfast” from a cafe (which I’m never doing again, just a croissant and café crème for me next time), lingered there for a while and texted my friends who I missed so much, letting them know I was going to be arriving in Orléans soon.

Well, I don’t know when the store finally opened, because I got tired of waiting and just took the train to Orléans, haha.

But this year I made sure to make it! That didn’t happen either, because I forgot that I need TRANSPORTATION to get to the record shop. So I called one of my dad’s friends and he bought what I wanted. Close enough to the real experience of waiting in lines for hours (what a shame I missed that!)!


The first is a 7″ by the tireless rocker Ty Segall. He makes punchy two-minute garage punk rock, and it’s amazing. Here he’s covering two T. Rex songs, The Motivator and Cat Black, brilliantly titling the release Ty Rex.

The other is a band Now, Now who I was able to catch last April while I was here for the wedding. It is also the first time I’ve spoken to a musician I really admire like a real person and not a doe-eyed fan. They were opening for some band I didn’t care for, but the tickets were cheap, and I was able to chat with one of the girls for about 20 minutes. This is their EP on mint green vinyl. It’s ridiculously catchy indie power pop w/ female vocals.


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