If you’re a fan of French movies, you’ve probably seen Paris through the eyes of Amélie or the countryside through the lenses of Le fils de l’épicier. But what you haven’t seen is Vincent Cassel in Sheitan.


Like dark comedic horror masterpieces? Well, this is the movie for you! If there’s anything you won’t forget about this movie, it’s Vincent Cassel’s charming smile!

Not only does it have an engrossing plot and an eerie mastery of atmosphere, but the cinematography is something to write home about, too.

Unfortunately, it was just removed from Netflix (everyone who watched it decided they never needed to watch another movie again, because they had reached the apex of cinema, so Netflix took it away to keep it’s membership), but if you can find it, I give it a hearty recommendation!

Hopefully this is the kind of ‘welcome to France’ I have to look forward to in September!!!


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