“5 reasons why NOT getting your first choice destination might be the best thing to happen to you”


Brilliant article for anyone bummed about not getting their primary choice of Lyon (ehheh). A lot of good points, and it makes me even more excited for when I finally find out whatever city I’m placed in.

Come at me, Yèvre-la-Ville population of 686!


Disquaire Day (Record Store Day)

Thought I’d devote a small post to share an anecdote and my loot for this wonderful day.

Record Store Day (or Disquaire Day in French) is a celebration of vinyl and music in general. All sorts of bands have special releases available only on this day!

Last year I went back to the US at the beginning of April for my best friend’s wedding (at which I was the best man), and when I came back to France I arrived the morning of April 20. I looked up before hand any record shops near Notre Dame and Gare d’Austerlitz, and I found one right across from Notre Dame. I arrived at 6 am in France and finally around 8 am trekked my way from the RER over to the shop, my suitcase and everything with me. I walked in, but someone started shouting that they weren’t open yet. Okay. I got an overpriced microwaved “English breakfast” from a cafe (which I’m never doing again, just a croissant and café crème for me next time), lingered there for a while and texted my friends who I missed so much, letting them know I was going to be arriving in Orléans soon.

Well, I don’t know when the store finally opened, because I got tired of waiting and just took the train to Orléans, haha.

But this year I made sure to make it! That didn’t happen either, because I forgot that I need TRANSPORTATION to get to the record shop. So I called one of my dad’s friends and he bought what I wanted. Close enough to the real experience of waiting in lines for hours (what a shame I missed that!)!


The first is a 7″ by the tireless rocker Ty Segall. He makes punchy two-minute garage punk rock, and it’s amazing. Here he’s covering two T. Rex songs, The Motivator and Cat Black, brilliantly titling the release Ty Rex.

The other is a band Now, Now who I was able to catch last April while I was here for the wedding. It is also the first time I’ve spoken to a musician I really admire like a real person and not a doe-eyed fan. They were opening for some band I didn’t care for, but the tickets were cheap, and I was able to chat with one of the girls for about 20 minutes. This is their EP on mint green vinyl. It’s ridiculously catchy indie power pop w/ female vocals.


If you’re a fan of French movies, you’ve probably seen Paris through the eyes of Amélie or the countryside through the lenses of Le fils de l’épicier. But what you haven’t seen is Vincent Cassel in Sheitan.


Like dark comedic horror masterpieces? Well, this is the movie for you! If there’s anything you won’t forget about this movie, it’s Vincent Cassel’s charming smile!

Not only does it have an engrossing plot and an eerie mastery of atmosphere, but the cinematography is something to write home about, too.

Unfortunately, it was just removed from Netflix (everyone who watched it decided they never needed to watch another movie again, because they had reached the apex of cinema, so Netflix took it away to keep it’s membership), but if you can find it, I give it a hearty recommendation!

Hopefully this is the kind of ‘welcome to France’ I have to look forward to in September!!!