L’horreur, l’horreur…!

I love horror movies, because of all the film genres you can never get a bad horror movie. Either it’s great and scares you, or it’s bad to the point of comedy. You can’t lose!

I’ve been looking up French horror movies on Netflix, but have so far only seen two. I’ll start by talking about Les yeux sans visage, an old black and white movie that isn’t scary to a modern audience but is very well-shot with beautiful cinematography and an intriguing story.

It’s not on Netflix though.

To my instant queue however, I recently added Mutants, Sheitan, Ils, and Vertige. I’ve heard good things, so I’m excited.

Earlier this week I watched La horde on Netflix, a zombie movie about a couple of cops who infiltrate a drug dealer’s hideout to avenge their friend’s death. Unfortunately, a zombie apocalypse arrives at the same time! It sounds comical, but it’s a really good zombie film with an interesting ending!

I don’t want to ramble on about great horror movies I’ve seen (because everyone knows the great ones), but if anyone has seen the Spanish film [REC] and then the American remake Quarantine, then you know what a terrible remake the latter is. I hesitantly put on Quarantine 2: The Terminal last night, expecting a bad movie, but it turned out to be a highly interesting sequel, much better than the first. It has the typical plot holes and facepalm moments of any horror movie, but they are fewer and further between than usual. It’s a really interesting setting (come on, a behind-the-scenes look at an airplane terminal! how cool is that!) and interesting characters who make for the most part good decisions.

[REC]3: Genesis is on Netflix, so I’ll be looking forward to watching that, though I haven’t seen the second one.

If you know any good horror movie suggestions, let me know! Even if they aren’t on Netflix, I’m certain I can find them somewhere.


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