Caen you dig it?

It’s Saturday night and I’m loafing around town with some friends after discovering that Tintin was sold out at the theater when I get a call from my friend Imjeong. This is how it went down [translated from french].

“Hey Ethan, do you want to go to the sea?”
“…like the Mediterranean?” Maybe she means the Loire, I’m thinking.
“Yes.” Ok, maybe she misunderstood me.
“…like the Pacific and Atlantic?”
“Meet out side my apartment at 10:45!” [at night]

Not having much of any clue what was going on, I got there and there were two cars packed with (mostly) Koreans and we drove 5 hours to Ouistreham in Normany to see the ocean. Naturally we got there before light, so after running around in the dark, telling funny stories, me building a sand castle and looking at the stars we packed back into the cars and slept for a few hours until daybreak, the nine of us, to watch the sunrise.

Picnicking for breakfast on the beach and having a grand old time, we drove about 45 minutes to Caen to see the American cemetery and Omaha beach, picnicking again and then 5 hours back.

So basically literally one of the greatest weekends I’ve ever had.


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