Apples and Pairs

Tuesday instead of going to “do french activities on the computer or something” class we were peared off with French linguistics students who don’t know our native language, and we’re supposed to meet up four times with them and that’s where I get a little confused – we’re supposed to teach them… about the sound… or something… of our language. I don’t know.

The cool part is just that they paired us off, even if it’s just because they have to do a project, I think they should have done more of this in the beginning, to help integrate us with French students.

I have two French girls called Charlene and Sonia, but only one of them is at all interesting. I still have virtually no idea what we’re supposed to do – when we made plans to meet up, I thought they were just genuinely interested in meeting an American student, but I didn’t know at the time that it was obligatory for them.

UTM should do that for the newly arrived study abroad students, like a “big brother, big sister” system kinda thing.