Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie?

French music is so bad they only play American songs and maybe a few French songs every hour. It’s basically American pop radio nahmsayin.

There are some good French songs I’ve heard tho. I’m really digging this Ben L’oncle Soul – he’s from the area and I’m going to go to his show when he’s here.



Im on q french keyboqrd right noz: Im ignoring zhqt letters Im clicking qnd typing qs if I zere on qn Q,ericqn keyboqrd: I do like thqt its eqsy to do the qccents: They hqve their ozn buttons; zhich is reqlly hqndy:


Speaking French is tiring. By the end of the day, I’m tired of having to listen and having to think, so it’s nice to speak a little English now and again. Some days I wake up, and everything just clicks – I’m comprehending and speaking like a champ; other times, it’s a struggle to string a sentence together. This morning was like that, so I when I toured the city with Jeb (in reality, we were having trouble getting lost and kept running into the cathedral again and again), we spoke just English. That was nice, because tonight I was in top form for speaking and understanding. Lots of jokes, lots of laughs, and very few times when I had to come to a full stop. In six days, I’ve already made noticeable improvement, and that makes me really excited wondering how I’ll be speaking by December.